2 Extra Limo Upgrades Your Groomsmen Might Appreciate

Everyone loves a limousine, but sometimes your guy friends might be a little more difficult to impress. After a long day of wedding festivities, it might take more than an extra large vehicle to make your buddies swoon over the ride home. However, some limousine companies offer extra features and services that might make the trip a little sweeter. Here are two limo upgrades your groomsmen might appreciate:

1: Door-to-Door Service

Guys are notoriously bad with directions, which is why door-to-door limo service is such an important upgrade. If you rent with a company that offers this upscale perk, a limo driver will personally pick up each member of your party from their home, and then drop them back off when the event is over. In addition to making each of your guests feel important, this upgrade also offers these benefits:

  • Everyone Arrives On Time: Nothing is worse than waiting to start a big event like a wedding because someone hasn't arrived yet. Unfortunately, that might be the reality you are faced with if you depend on each of your groomsmen to make the trip on their own. However, if you use a limo service that will pick your friends up at their door, they have no choice but to hop into the limo and be on their way. Also, since they won't be driving themselves, your guy friends might have the chance to get their shoes on or finish shaving on the way.
  • No DUIs: That open bar at your wedding reception might seem like a great way to get everyone dancing, but it might also put your friends in danger when they drive home later. In addition to potentially causing car accidents, impaired drivers who are caught might also be subject to a DUI conviction—an offense that typically costs $10,000 by the time legal fees, bail, and insurance are paid. However, if you transport each of your groomsmen to and from your event, they can enjoy themselves without worrying about staying safe.

When you schedule a limousine, don't forget to factor in how much time it will take to round up all of your buddies. If some of your friends live far away, you might need to book the limo earlier to give the driver enough time.

2: Gaming Systems With Large Screens

That extra long, teary toast from your new father-in-law may have been touching, but at the end of a romance-filled day, your friends might want to blow the heads off of some zombies. Fortunately, you can give them that opportunity by finding a limo service that provides gaming systems and large, flat-screen televisions. To appeal to gamers everywhere, some limousine companies offer rides with multiple gaming systems, a myriad of games, and enough controllers for your entire group.

Before you choose a limo, don't forget to factor in how many players you might have during the journey. If you choose a system that only accommodates two players, but you know that eight people will want to play, some of your friends might not have the opportunity to enjoy the upgrade. If you have a large group, look for a gaming system that accommodates multiple people. Ask which games are included during the ride, and make sure that the company offers the right controllers for each activity.  For example, if you book a limousine with a music game, don't forget to ask if guitar and drum controllers are available in the back seat. Last but not least, make sure that the screen is large enough for everyone to see. That gaming system might not matter much if players have to squint to play effectively.

By making your groomsmen as comfortable as possible, they might be more willing to stand by your side during your next big life event. Contact a company like Millanio Limo to get started.