Taking A Family Vacation To LA? 3 Benefits Of Opting For A Limo Pick-Up After A Long Flight

If you are flying to Los Angeles for the first time for a family vacation, then you likely know your first task will be getting from the airport to your hotel. Before you decide to just wait until you are in LA to hail a taxi cab, you should look into all of your transportation options and how they compare. Another great option for getting from the airport to your hotel is an LAX limo service, like LAX Car Service.

If you have only ridden in limos to and from special events, then it may at first sound strange to you to have a limo pick your family up at the airport, but once you consider the benefits of choosing a limo service over a taxi cab at LAX, you will quickly realize that limos in LA are not only for the rich and famous.  

1. Advanced Booking Means No Waiting for an Available Cab

Whether you are traveling with small children, teenagers, or both, keeping everyone together and behaving can be a challenge when everyone is excited about their vacation. When you get to the airport, the more quickly your family can get into a vehicle the lesser the chances of a little one running off and getting lost or your teen begging you to buy all of the luxury items for sale at the airport. 

If you have traveled with your family to smaller airports in less populated cities, you may have been able to snatch a cab quickly, but that is not always the case at busy LAX. You may have to wait much longer than you expect for the next available cab, and if your family does not fit into a standard taxi, waiting for an available van can take even longer. 

When opting for a limo service instead of a taxi, you can arrange your pick-up time in advance, so your limo is waiting for your family as soon as you arrive at LAX. Your driver can meet you right at the baggage claim and even help you grab your luggage from the carousel and haul an extra luggage cart to the limousine. 

2. Affordable Beverages and Snacks Will Be Waiting for You and the Children

After a long flight, everyone will be thirsty and hungry, and the children will likely beg for you to buy them expensive treats from the airport vendors that often charge extremely inflated prices for the same food and beverages you are used to purchasing for bargain prices elsewhere. If you make them wait until they get to the hotel for beverages, then you will likely have a cranky family. 

While the limo you may have ridden in to and from a special event likely had champagne, you can request that the limo picking you up from LAX include child-friendly beverages and snacks, such as juice, cookies, and fruit for just a small extra fee or as part of an all-inclusive package deal. While prices of these items vary from one limo service to another, they are typically much less expensive than what you can purchase at the airport. You then don't have to pay sky-high airport prices for these items, and you can request a relaxing glass of wine or other adult beverage for yourself to relax during the ride. 

3. Child Booster and Safety Seats You Don't Have to Bring

While some states make exceptions to their child safety-seat laws when a child is riding in a taxi cab, California does not. You never want to skip those seats when riding in taxi cabs anyway, as those seats are what keep them safe in the case of an accident. Most taxi cabs at LAX don't have safety seats, and if you were to request one, it would mean waiting much longer for a cab that may or may not ever show up with that seat. You can bring your own along, but that gives you another item to check as luggage and another excess baggage fee, which can range from $25 to over $100, depending on your airline and how much baggage you already need to check.

When you opt for a limo, you can request any child-safety seats you need when you make your reservation and count on them being there when your limo arrives at LAX. You can then feel good that you are obeying local laws and your children have the extra protection that the seats provide in the case of an accident. While all professional drivers are screened to ensure they have safe driving histories, that doesn't stop another driver from hitting the vehicle in the midst of busy LA traffic. 

If you have always thought that limos were only for nights out on the town, then you may have wondered why you see so many at airports picking up and dropping off families. Reserving a limo to pick your family up at LAX after flying in for vacation can make your life much easier and help keep your children safe.