Tips for Making Sure You Have Transportation From the Airport to Your Hotel

One of the most frustrating things about travel is arriving at the airport and having to wait for transportation to get you to your hotel. If you fly early in the morning or late at night, then you are even more frustrated because you are tired and just want to get to your hotel and rest. Airport car service is an option, but if you do not plan ahead, you will have to wait like everyone else. Here are a few tips on how to make sure you have a ride the minute you get off the plane.

Find a Service and Call Ahead

Most taxis and car services take ride reservations up to one day in advance. You can find a service or taxi a couple days ahead, then pick which one you want to use. If you are flying in in the middle of the day, place your call before you board your plane at home and request a car for a specific time. Be sure to include an extra ten minutes on the end of your expected arrival time so you can grab your bags from baggage claim and get out the door. That way your driver will not have to wait too long to pick you up. 

Book a Rental Car

Book a rental car at least one week in advance to your arrival. This guarantees you a ride right from the airport because you are your own driver and you will have transportation. It also alerts the car rental company that they need to secure a vehicle for you on that day and time and make sure it is ready for you to pick up.

Book a Room in a Hotel That Provides Airport Transportation to Guests

Sure, it is not exactly car service, and yes, you may have to sit on a bus or cargo transport with other hotel guests, but it does get you to your hotel. Some places, such as resort hotels, have their own coach buses that transport guests to the hotels. These transports usually run every twenty minutes to an hour, depending on how far away the hotels are and whether or not more than one transport runs on the same loop. If you would rather wait on the curb for a taxi, you may be able to catch a taxi sooner, but that will cost you, whereas the hotel's transport is free to guests.