2 Biggest Benefits Of Using A Charter Flight For Your Business Travel

If you need to transport a large number of employees at your business to a special event, you may want to consider using an aircraft charter for your next business trip. Here are a few of the benefits that your business will experience by using an aircraft charter flight.

#1 Access To More Airports

When you fly with a commercial airline, you are limited to the couple hundred of commercial airports around the world. In reality though, there are actually thousands of airports around the world. These thousands of airports provide you with numerous additional locations where a plane can land. Most private airports allow charter flights to land and can vary in size from quite small to very large.

Consider if you need to get your employees somewhere that is a little off the beaten path; for example, you need to get your employees to Oregon, but instead of Portland, you want to land over in Eastern Oregon, in Bend. Without going through numerous transfers, one of the easiest ways to get to smaller locations is via a chartered flight. Charter flights give you the ability to land at more airports and create more custom trips without so many layovers.

#2 A More Convenient Experience

Second, when you use a charter flight to transport your employees, you are able to have a much more convenient experience. Many charter flights start at smaller airports, which have more convenient parking options than larger commercial airports. Your employees will be able to get to the airports and park much easier, generally without having to worry about outrageous parking fees.

Next, they will not need to go through the long security lines and luggage check-in process. Generally, with charter flights, you go through custom security, and baggage check is much more simple. You also don't have so many limitations on your baggage. Your plane still needs to stay within an ideal weight range, so there may be limits on the overall amount of luggage brought on the plane, but you are not going to be hassled because your bag is three inches too big or 2 pounds overweight.

Also, with chartered flights, you generally don't have to deal with flights that are delayed. The only delays you should experience with a chartered flight are weather-related delays that all flights would experience, such as a delay due to a snow storm. You should not experience delays related to a flight being late or over-booked.

Transporting your employees on a charter flight will allow for a more seamless travel experience with more options on where to travel to.