Taking A Red-Eye? Here's What To Consider!

Traveling doesn't have to be expensive. When it comes to traveling by air, however, the most affordable flights are ones that take off late at night and arrive at their final destinations in the wee hours of the morning. While taking a red-eye can be good for your finances, there are several drawbacks that should be considered, especially when traveling to unfamiliar areas where you don't know anyone. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make taking the red-eye ideal. Here's what they are:

Take Airport Transportation

Since you likely won't get a good night of sleep while traveling by plane during the middle of the night, it's a good idea to take airport transportation instead of renting a car. That way, you won't be driving through an unfamiliar city while groggy on very little sleep. Schedule an airport pick up service to pick you up from the airport when your plane lands. Airport pick-up services are able to check the airline's flight information to see if there are any delays or early arrivals.

True, there may be several taxis sitting at the airport exit and waiting to pick up passengers like yourself but, as Murphy's Law would have it, they wouldn't be there the one time you count on them to be there. Don't drive a rental car or rely on a taxi service. Book an airport pick up instead.

Early Check-In Hotel

Of course, arriving at your destination on a red-eye flight means you'll be arriving well before the typical check-in arrival times at the nearby hotels. When booking your hotel, be sure to clarify that you will need to check-in very early and, of course, try to book a hotel that allows early check-in. If no hotels in the area offer early check-in, perhaps you can ask the hotel receptionist to call you if and when your room becomes available. If this isn't an option either, look for hotels that have lounge areas where you can hang out until your room does open up.

If none of those options will work out, consider staying in a lounge in your destination's airport until it's time for you to check into your hotel room. Airport lounges are designed for travelers such as yourself in mind, which means you'll have plenty of comfortable chairs and space to relax and chill out. Just be sure to keep your airport pick up service informed of these types of changes in your schedule.

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