How to Keep Corporate Clients for Airport Transfers

Airport transportation can be overly costly without attentive planning. Most companies will gladly continually outsource that to you if you are bringing in enough value. Mostly, it is the simple things that you do consistently such as those listed below which make the difference.

Personalized Service Wins

Customize on-the-move solutions based on your clients' concerns. For example, you could have limos that you have specially furnished for female travelers including installing mirrors so that they can do their make-up comfortably. Have a professional setup for the more busy executives that want to hold a meeting as they drive to the airport. Find out if the person is traveling with any children and send a car that is baby-friendly. It's the little things that spell concern.

Integrity Goes a Long Way

Transporting business travelers means sometimes you will overhear sensitive information about a company, their competitors or partners. Train your team the critical need to practice confidentiality. Have them check the car before a client leaves to ensure they did not drop things like wallets or passports. If you find any items later, contact the company immediately. Integrity will speak loudest when you are seeking a contract extension.

Invest in Relaxation

A busy travel schedule is like adding injury to what many now refer to as the 21st-century disease; work-related stress. Create an atmosphere that offers relaxation as you transport clients to and from the airport. Train your staff to be gentle and minimize conversations unless a customer initiates it. According to Forbes Magazine, half of business travelers are fine without human interaction on transit. Help clients carry their luggage, offer a drink on board, and ensure that your cars are spacious and fresh enough for maximum relaxation.

Time Is Gold

Keeping time is a major plus when working with corporate clients. It is imperative that not a single employee misses their flight because you delayed to pick them up, one of your drivers does not understand a route, or you have not invested in seamless and efficient rescue services in emergency situations. You are bound to sign more corporate clients if you have a reputation for excellent time management.

Today's business travelers are looking for inspiration, rejuvenation, and pleasure, among other positive additions while in motion. Integrating these experiences in your business is a sure way to keep your clients and enlarge your portion of the corporate airport transportation pie.