How To Use Your Vintage Car In An Upcoming Parade

Does your town have a Labor Day Parade? Perhaps you are already getting ready for the Thanksgiving Parade your city hosts every year. Either way, using your vintage car in an upcoming parade is a great idea as many people love looking at old cars. Whether you have a 1951 MG or a Thunderbird from a later part of history, from decorating the car to using a car hauler, here are some ideas for you:

Decorating The Car For The Parade - Of course, the car itself will be a wonderful display. However, you can add some drama to it by adding some fun decorations:

  • Keep it simple so that you won't detract from the car itself.
  • For example, if the parade is on Labor Day, consider simply putting American flags on the front of the car.
  • For a Thanksgiving Day Parade, think about attaching balloons in autumn colors to the car.
  • Whatever you do, when you add decorations, be sure not to block your vision.

Getting The Car To The Parade - If you are like some vintage car owners, you drive your car only for special times. If the parade is far from your house, you might not be excited about putting too many miles on it:

  • If you don't already own one, think about buying a trailer in which to transport your vintage car to the parade.
  • Another idea is to hire a car hauler to transport the car for you. This is especially helpful if you will already be in the parade area and it will be tricky to get your car to the parade grounds.
  • Are you lucky enough to have more than one vintage car to add to the parade? Then a car hauler is probably going to be your best bet.
  • Renting a car hauler is probably more affordable than you think it is. However, if you think you'll be transporting your car or your cars to many parades, consider buying one that you will have any time you need it.

Do you keep your car or cars in a garage? If not, think about buying a car cover for each of your vintage cars, if you don't already own them.  Not only will they protect your car or cars on the way to the parade, but they'll protect them at your house during storms or other inclement weather. After all, even a bad dust storm might harm your beautiful baby!

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