What You Need To Be Aware Of When You Fly In A Helicopter

Helicopter charters let you and your friends or family get an unusual and personalized view of your city, one that you can't get through driving or even taking a chartered plane. Being in a helicopter is quite different from being in a plane or car, though, and you should be prepared for certain events. You'll also need to prepare a little differently given the size of the helicopter.

Motion Sickness

If you're prone to motion sickness, the helicopter ride might set it off. However, there won't be a lot of room for you to move; this isn't a car that can stop whenever you need it to, and it's not a plane with a restroom. Bring nausea remedies with you; if foods like ginger help, take those before the trip. Otherwise, be prepared to use the remedies you normally do, such as staring at a certain point on the horizon for much of the ride. You'll want to occasionally look at the immediate area because the view will be great, but if you have to limit that, identify ahead of time the views that you definitely want to see, like certain parts of a harbor if you're at the coast. Tell the pilot and your flying companions to let you know when the helicopter is over those parts.

Loose Items

You'll be fully enclosed in the passenger compartment of the helicopter, but the close quarters and safety requirements mean that loose clothing and accessories, including scarves, dangling earrings, and flip-flops or loose sandals, are not good choices for the ride. Stick with basic clothing like a T-shirt and jeans, and secure items like sunglasses. If you have long hair, keep it pulled back from your face, preferably in a ponytail.

Weight Distribution

Your weight is going to matter a lot for the helicopter ride. If your pilot asks how much you weigh, be honest (the company that arranges the charters should have a scale if you don't keep one in your home). The pilot needs to know the total weight of the group and any bags so that the helicopter doesn't carry more weight than it's allowed to. You may also want to limit heavy carryons; if you'll be carrying a purse or backpack with you, leave the unnecessary items behind that day.

This charter ride should be enjoyable. If you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask them so that you don't miss out on cool sights and important information.