3 Questions to Answer When Hiring Dump Truck Services for Your Building Project

In need of a dump truck for your building project? Here are a few questions prospective service providers should answer before you commit to working with them:

1. Who Will Be Driving the Truck?

When hiring a company to operate a dump truck for you at your building site, it's important to know beforehand exactly who will be driving the truck at any given time. You need to be able to verify that anyone driving the dump truck is properly licensed and experienced so as to minimize the chance that something will be done wrong before all is said and done. If the contractor you consult with won't be doing all the driving themselves, make sure that they provide you with the names and license numbers of anyone who will be, and have the drivers check in with you before they start working so you can verify their credentials.

2. What Kind of Insurance Is Offered?

It's also important to find out what kind of insurance the dump truck and drivers are protected under before any work begins so you know exactly how you'll be financially affected if something were to be damaged or go wrong at some point during the job. Is the dump truck fully covered so you won't be responsible for any repairs or replacements if something happens to it?

What if someone is hurt, whether the dump truck driver, or one of your employees? If materials at the job site are damaged by the dump truck, will they be covered under an insurance plan? Are there extra insurance policies or add-ons that you can opt in to? Get the answers to these questions and more before deciding whether to use a particular company for your dump truck needs.

3. How Will Storage and Security Be Handled?

If the dump truck has to stay at your job site overnight for any reason, it's a good idea to have a clear understanding of what will be expected of you when it comes to storing and securing it. Should you lock it behind a gate, store it in a garage, or will the company you hire handle storage and security? No matter who handles it, you should know what protocols will be used to secure the dump truck and who has authorization to get inside or move it. This will help ensure that the truck is properly managed so you can get your security deposit back and don't end up paying any extra fees.

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