Limo Services And Where To Find Them

Limousines are typically something you have or something you book well in advance of a special event. However, there are a number of locations where limos just are​. In these locations, they serve as transportation to those who want a classier ride to some destination. If you love traveling in style, you will love knowing where these limos are sitting and waiting for you when you arrive. 

​LAX Car Service/Airport Limo Service

At some airports, like JFK and LAX, limos sit waiting for willing passengers. That is because these limo companies know that famous and international individuals fly in and out of these airports all of the time. There is money to be made if you own and drive a limo and you are willing to sit at one of this major international airports all day long. As a customer, you can approach these cars, gently tap on the window, and ask if the "car" is available/open for service. If it is, and you are willing to pay the driver's fee, you can hop in the back and go wherever you like in style.

​Wine Tours

Napa Valley is well-known for its vineyards and wineries. In fact, many wineries offer limo service/black car tours starting at one winery or directly from the airport. The limo provides transportation to a string of wineries, and most of them will pick you up and drop you off from the airport upon request.

City Tours/Holiday Tours

In cities like New York City, limos drive around, park, and wait like taxis during the holiday season. You can get into a limo, select a specific tour of the city, or a holiday tour if applicable. The driver then takes you around to see major landmarks, lights, festivities, etc.. Ask your hotel concierge where the limos for these tours generally park, and the concierge will get that information to you.

VIP Treatment Packages with Major Theme Parks

Some major iconic theme parks offer VIP treatment packages that include limo services. Usually what this entails is limo pick-up service from the airport, drop--off service at the resort, limo return service to the airport, and limo transportation for sightseeing or other short-distance excursions. The cost of your vacation package is significantly higher, but if and when you really want to treat yourself or treat yourself and your family, the cost is worth it. You will see a lot more as you travel, too.

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