Tips for Renting a Party Bus for a Festive Night Out with Your Friends

If you and a group of friends want to have a fun night that you'll always remember, consider hiring a party bus limo to take you to a fun destination for the evening. You might attend a sporting game, go gambling, or have dinner and then go dancing. When you hire a party bus, the fun times start right away and you don't waste time driving to your destinations individually. Here are some helpful tips for renting a party bus limo.

Book In Advance

If you're renting the bus for dinner and dancing on the weekend, you might not have trouble booking a bus, but if you want a bus to go to a sporting event, then book as early as possible before all the buses are already taken. You'll pay according to the size of the bus, but if you're having trouble finding the size you need, consider upgrading or downsizing. However, it's important to know that you can't overcrowd the bus, so you need to lock in the number of friends who will go in advance and stick to it, unless you rent a larger bus than you need.

Lock in the Fee Ahead of Time

Be sure you understand how you'll be charged for the bus. You will probably pay by the hour, which includes the time while you're dancing or at the sports game. If you're having fun, you may want to extend the rental time, and that will cost extra. Knowing how much the fees will be ahead of time helps you divide the costs evenly among all your friends. If you're the one booking the bus and paying with your credit card, you may want to collect money from each of your friends in advance, so you won't get stuck with the bill.

Understand Liquor Laws

The party bus provider will explain the liquor laws that pertain to you so you can stay within the law on the bus. These rules may change if you cross state lines during your ride, so you want to be prepared. You might be allowed to bring your own alcohol on the bus as long as everyone is of drinking age. If there is a minor present, then you may need a chaperone that ensures no minors will drink alcohol during your ride. To avoid this potential conflict, you may want to restrict your guests to those of drinking age if you plan to serve alcohol during the evening.

Party bus limos come in different sizes, so you can rent a small bus if needed or you can rent a large bus that holds dozens of people. A party bus is more festive than a traditional bus in the way it's decorated and the way the seats are arranged. A party bus is a nice addition to a bachelor or bachelorette party, office outing, birthday celebration, or any time you want to celebrate in style with a group of good friends.