3 Features To Expect From A Luxury Tug Boat

Powerful and functional, tug boats are an awesome waterway vessel with all kinds of functions and purposes. While people often think of these boats as something that is used only for industrial purposes, tug boats are also preferred for some avid boaters because they are designed to be tough, reliable, and roomy. The average tugger may not have a lot of comfortable features to boast, but those in a luxury boat most assuredly do. Take a look at some of the features you can expect to see on a luxury tug boat. 

1. The engine will have a sound shield for quiet operation. 

The diesel engine that most tug boats must have to provide them with the necessary power is great, but they can also be very loud. For many tug boat owners, the noise levels can be problematic if they spend much time on their boat. Luxury models most often have an incorporated sound shield, which is designed to absorb some of the vibrations from the motor and reflect the sounds outward toward the water instead of upward toward the deck of the boat. These sound shields can make a huge difference in noise levels and make the time spent on your boat much more enjoyable. 

2. The boat will have an upper deck with seating. 

The basic tug boat usually only has a main deck with a protected steering column, but if you go for a more luxury model designed for hauling passengers and having a good time, you will find multiple seating points on the deck, including on an upper deck. The upper deck is usually positioned directly over the main control area, and it can be really fun to take a seat up on top. If the boat will be used for industrial purposes, this upper deck can be useful for watching for target boats or areas because you will be at a higher height above the water. 

3. The tug boat will have both stern and bow thrusters. 

Docking a tugger can be a little more difficult than docking a regular boat because of the heft of the vessel. most luxury models will boast thrusters on both the bow and the stern to help you dock more evenly and easily. These thrusters help give you a little leverage from either end of the boat so that you don't have to work so hard to get it in the proper position in narrow docking stations.

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