6 Tips For First-Time Taxi Riders

As a first-time taxi rider, your knowledge about using them is likely limited to what you saw on television. Although riding in a taxi is not overly complicated, there are some things to know before you jump into the car: Get a quote. Even if you are only traveling a short distance in the taxi, you want to know what you can expect for the fare. Taxi company dispatchers can provide you with an estimate of what you would be charged.

Why Offering Valet Parking At Your Residential Complex Is Beneficial

Being an owner or manager of a high-end residential complex means you are always looking for ways to improve the overall impression of the building. One way to do that is to incorporate valet parking into the mix. You can even work with a residential staffing company to find valet staff. The following are some reasons why you should consider offering valet parking to your residents: Make a Fantastic Impression

How To Use Your Vintage Car In An Upcoming Parade

Does your town have a Labor Day Parade? Perhaps you are already getting ready for the Thanksgiving Parade your city hosts every year. Either way, using your vintage car in an upcoming parade is a great idea as many people love looking at old cars. Whether you have a 1951 MG or a Thunderbird from a later part of history, from decorating the car to using a car hauler, here are some ideas for you:

How to Keep Corporate Clients for Airport Transfers

Airport transportation can be overly costly without attentive planning. Most companies will gladly continually outsource that to you if you are bringing in enough value. Mostly, it is the simple things that you do consistently such as those listed below which make the difference. Personalized Service Wins Customize on-the-move solutions based on your clients' concerns. For example, you could have limos that you have specially furnished for female travelers including installing mirrors so that they can do their make-up comfortably.

Taking A Red-Eye? Here's What To Consider!

Traveling doesn't have to be expensive. When it comes to traveling by air, however, the most affordable flights are ones that take off late at night and arrive at their final destinations in the wee hours of the morning. While taking a red-eye can be good for your finances, there are several drawbacks that should be considered, especially when traveling to unfamiliar areas where you don't know anyone. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make taking the red-eye ideal.